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Governor Inslee opposes gas tax relief

While other states are rolling back gas taxes, Inslee opposes such relief

Record inflation is a problem all over the country, but especially in Washington state where Governor Inslee is refusing much-needed tax relief to Washingtonians.

In fact, Washington is the only Democrat-controlled state not considering some form of gas tax relief.

President Biden implored states to consider suspending gas taxes to help offset record-high gas prices, and even there Gov. Inslee was not persuaded to put taxpayers first.

A spokesperson for Governor Inslee told the Seattle Times, “As for the idea of temporarily suspending the state gas tax, the oil companies would be the ones to benefit from yet another opportunity to pocket more profit at the expense of our ability to put people to work fixing our roads and bridges.”

This twisted logic completely ignores the fact that a gas tax suspension would save Washingtonians an outrageous $.49 gas tax on each gallon. And make no mistake, Washingtonians are disproportionately suffering. Washington’s gas tax is one of the highest in the nation and Inslee’s refusal to help during this difficult time has struck a sour chord with families and small businesses alike.

Leaders of both parties in most states have provided their people with broad tax cuts over the last two years, but tax relief has not been a priority for Washington’s leaders. In fact, despite a then $10.5 billion increase in revenue, Governor Inslee and the majority party in the legislature refused to provide broad-based tax relief in 2022, opting instead to massively increase state spending.

The unwillingness of Washington’s leaders to provide broad tax relief was not shared by other Democratic trifecta states (where one party controls the house, senate and governor’s office). The vast majority of the 13 other Democratic trifecta states have enacted substantial tax relief for their citizens this year (along with many split and Republican-controlled states).

With so much extra tax revenue, Inslee could easily slash property taxes – but he won’t. He could suspend the gas tax – but he has adamantly said “no” to that as well. State houses all over the country are working to provide substantive relief to the taxpayers that employ them – but he won’t do that, either.

Washingtonians need a governor who will put them and their families first – especially in the midst of dire economic conditions.

Original post from Future