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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do the 6 citizen initiatives currently stand?

    Three of the people’s initiatives were heard and passed by the legislature and will become law on June 5th. Those initiatives are:

    • I-2111 No State Income Tax
    • I-2113 Restore Reasonable Police Pursuit
    • I-2081 Parental Notification

    The remaining three initiatives will appear on your November ballot to be voted on this year. Those remaining initiatives are:

    • I-2117 Stop The Hidden Gas Tax
    • I-2109 Repeal The Capital Gains Tax
    • I-2124 Opt Out of State-Run Long Term Care Coverage Act
  • Why did the legislature only hear three initiatives?

    According to the state constitution, the legislature is required to hear all citizen initiatives. However, because they didn’t, the three remaining initiatives will go directly to your ballot this November.
  • How will these initiatives affect me?

    Each of the initiatives affect everyday Washingtonians in many ways:

    • I-2111 guarantees that Washington state remains an income tax free state.
    • I-2113 will make our communities safer by removing restrictions from police officers to chase suspects of a crime.
    • I-2081 ensures that as the parent of a child in Washington state schools, you have access to their educational materials, medical records, and other personal information related to your child.
    • I-2117 will save Washingtonians hundreds of dollars every year by removing the hidden gas tax, sending our hard-earned money to pet projects that do nothing to improve the environment.
    • I-2109 allows you to remain in control of your money and keeps the government out of your accounts.
    • I-2124 provides the option for Washingtonians to opt-out of the state run long term care program that has been a failure since its inception.

    Each of these initiatives were crafted by the people, for the people and give power back to Washingtonians.

  • Is Let’s Go Washington a Republican organization?

    Let’s Go Washington has no political party affiliation and is proud to work with legislators and supporters on both sides of the aisle. Though the opposition tries to spin lies about party affiliation, over 57% of signers were Democrat or Independent. We are proud to be working with a diverse coalition of supporters from many different political backgrounds as we fix what’s broken.
  • What can I do to get involved?

    There are many ways to get involved! From volunteering at events to canvassing to getting active on social media, Let’s Go Washington wouldn’t be where we are without the support of people like you. To find out more about involvement opportunities
    contact us

  • What else is Let’s Go Washington working on?

    There are always opportunities to improve Washington state, and we are always looking for the next cause to support. If you have an idea for an initiative please
    contact us

  • How can I get a Let’s Go Washington representative at my event?

    If you are hosting an event that you would like a representative from Let’s Go Washington to speak at, please
    contact us to check our availability.

  • What’s coming up for Let’s Go Washington?

    Check out our events tab to stay up to date with all the year’s happenings!

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