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OLYMPIA, WA – Last week, everyone’s favorite pseudo-union, the ACLU, filed a lawsuit against I-2081. Let us be the first to remind the ACLU that this initiative flew through the legislature with sweeping bipartisan support establishing parents as the primary stakeholders of their children and preventing schools from keeping secrets from parents. The initiative was signed by hundreds of thousands of Democrat, Republican, and Independent voters who agree that parents are a child’s best advocates.

The ACLU has clearly lost sight of their own mission since they’re supposed to support the civil liberties of Americans… which obviously should include parents. The ACLU’s first salvo was a snitch line to report on Washington citizens exercising their civil liberty to sign the petition. We expect this tone deaf lawsuit to be as unsuccessful as their first attack on the will of the voters of Washington.

The real news is that Attorney General Bob Ferguson seems to have been missing in action as he has been completely silent on the issue The people deserve to know if the chief legal officer in the state will: side with Washington families, the legislature, and the hundreds of thousands of supporters of 2081, or bow to the pressures of the ACLU lobby.

Let’s Go Washington founder, Brian Heywood, issued the following statement: 

The once important ACLU seems to have lost its purpose and its way. Snitch lines to prevent people from exercising their civil liberties followed by lawsuits to prevent parents from knowing what is going on with their children in school is both irresponsible and sad. I am more deeply concerned, however, over the complete silence from AG Bob Ferguson whose constitutional job it is to defend laws passed by the legislature and by the people. When he is not using government threats to scare or punish the little people, it seems he is too busy collecting money from wealthy Hollywood leftists for his run for governor. If he cannot be bothered to even carry out the basics of his current position, this should be a warning about his qualification for any higher office. AG Ferguson, please do your job and fight to defend the will of the people.