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Tuesday November 21st, Did you hear the great news?

Yesterday was a great day for citizens and common-sense voters everywhere in Washington State. Initiative 2117 – to repeal the cap and trade gas tax scheme – was filed with the Secretary of State’s office.

You can click on the video link below to hear from me directly as I went live yesterday from the Sec. of State’s office with the receipt of filing.

With 90,000 more signatures submitted than what is legally needed, the initiative is well on its way for full qualification and will first head to the legislature in 2024…. and will most likely not be acted on by the Democrat majority. This tax scheme was one of their prized accomplishments from the 2021 legislative session.

When the Democrat majority refuses to pass this initiative into law in Olympia, the initiative will head to a statewide vote on the November ballot.

A few quick notes before you watch the video below (the media is already in full-spin mode to defend the Democrat scheme):

– This cap and trade gas tax scheme is what is making Washington’s price of living the highest in the nation alongside California.

– This cap and trade gas tax scheme has created over $1.5 BILLION for Olympia Bureaucrats in this year alone – paid for by working families – and itdoesn’t actually reduce emissions. If Democrats were actually successful with their climate programs, Jay Inslee wouldn’t have to scrub his website of failures.

It punishes working families and doesn’t actually reduce emissions in our state. People still need to drive to work, and go to the grocery store, and drop kids off at school, and heat their homes.

It doesn’t just stop at our cars. It’s directly driving up the price of our groceries and other goods in the supply chain. And it is driving up your home utility costs – which is something Bob Ferguson wanted to hide from you on your utility bills.

As it is stated in the video, this is just the beginning, not the end.

We have a lot of work to do from now until November to make sure voters understand this scheme and vote to pass this initiative. This is a common-sense measure that can restore affordability and help create transparency around the way Democrats build these tax schemes.

Jim Walsh
Washington State Republican Party