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Let's Go Washington
SIX Initiatives Rally

Be part of the rally to tell Olympia that we are not the silent minority, and the will of the citizens should be heard!

These initiatives address critical issues such as allowing police to pursue dangerous criminals, lowering gas prices by repealing the carbon tax, parental notification laws, capital gains income tax abolition, lowering payroll taxes, and prohibition of state and local income taxes.

Efforts to prioritize hearings for these initiatives have been unanimously rejected, while bills granting extensive influence to the Attorney General over fiscal notes for alternative initiatives have received swift attention.

This disregard for constitutional duty by our legislators undermines the voice of Washingtonians and the integrity of the democratic process.


John Carlson (570 KVI)

Brian Heywood (Let's Go Washington)

Joined by LGW grassroots activists and volunteers.
Wear your colors Green & Black to support Let’s Go Washington!


February 23rd, 2024



Washington State Capitol

North/Supreme Court Side

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